I just want to say.....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
For almost 2 years my hearing has been very poor, I could barely hear, even in a movie theatre, the sound was muffled and I had a hard time hearing the movie and talking to people was difficult as I could barely hear them.

I had tried multiple products, from antibiotics, ear wax removal treatment etc, and nothing worked.

I had seen your product, and whilst it sounded great, at $60 I was hesitant, mainly due to the amount I had paid for dr’s, otc treatments, however, I had to try it, and the first puff of air cleared everything. I am so very happy. My hearing is amazing, and I have never felt so excited in a long time. Being able to watch movies, and talk to friends without difficulty truly has changed my life.

Thank you so very much!!!
— John C.
I was suffering from plugged ears following the influenza. I couldn’t hear out of my left ear and it was so uncomfortable. My Dr. recommended Eustachi. I immediately went online ordered one and picked it up two hours later. I came home and after just one use, my ears are totally clear!!!!!
I can not recommend this product enough. I will never travel without my Eustachi with me!!!!
Thank you for a fantastic product!
— Terry J.
“Normally the Eustachian tubes open when you swallow and yawn but sometimes they don’t function normally. I think Eustachi is a great way to help exercise the eustachian tubes.”
— Dr. Timothy Novick. MD - Family Physician
I used to scuba dive so I know what a blocked Eustachian tube feels like. It can be painful, distracting, and can last for many days. I got a blockage four days ago. I tried the squeeze nose, close mouth, and “blow” method which often worked before...no good. Pain got worse. I bought one of these and got immediate relief! You MUST follow the easy steps, but, baby, it cleared my problem right away. The third step, swallow, is critical. The bigger the swallow the better, and keep your mouth closed. You will experience pressure ( and maybe slight discomfort) but it will pass quickly. Not cheap ($59), this is a quality item that will last a long time and is worth every penny
— John S.
Thank you!!!! I had a clogged ear from a sinus infection for over a week and was beginning to wonder if I would ever hear normally again- I saw your ad on a website where people were complaining about blocked ears and found the Eustachi- ordered it on amazon and received it today/ inserted the batteries and used it... WOW!! I can hear again! It popped both of my ears- to hear again and not feel hopeless and to just WAIT for my ear to clear- absolutely worth the money and I am so impressed with how easy and painless it was to use and to get a RESULT was astonishing. Bravo to you guys- this is a quality-of-life-changer!!!!!
— Cara M.
Thank you for this amazing product!! My ears have been clogged for eight years. No doctors, meds, or any other products helped!! This is a miracle!!! Thank you for giving my life back!! I will put on social media in hope to help someone else!! Godbless!
— Susan H.
Been fighting sinus trouble for the entire winter and finally my ears clogged which happens somewhat frequently for me. Had taken antibiotics, over the counter meds, herbal remedies and used a neti pot all to no avail. Then the Eustachi arrived! It took me a few times to get the hang of it but once I did, the miracle happened and my ears were opened up. Not only could I hear once again but the stress of not being clogged provided major stress relief. Doctors should be recommending the Eustachi. I know I’m going to be telling everyone about it. Thanks for making such a great product!
— Craig C.
This thing is amazing!!! Have had a clogged ear for three weeks, been to the doctor three times and this is the only thing that worked!!!! Doctor told me to pinch nose and swallow, chew gum and drink out of a straw lol. Did that for 3 weeks, tonight I received your Eustachi in the mail (when I ordered I said what the heck I’ll try anything) and to my complete amazement it works!!!!!! It’s a little expensive, but the relief is priceless!!!!!! Thank you!
— Beverley K.
Just wanted to thank you for this straight from Heaven product. Our marriage was getting so stressful because of my husbands bad hearing. The TV blaring, him misunderstanding me, me having to repeat everything very loudly!! Also we have went through three sets of hearing aids to no avail. Finally after noticing my husband ears improving for a short period after sneezing I knew it had to be blocked ears! So I researched and found Eustachi!! No more hearing aids! He is 79yrs old tomorrow and hears almost as good as me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just recommended it to a friend for her husband.
— Sandra G.
“I have found that the Eustachi is the answer for me. It is easy to use and it takes just seconds to relieve any discomfort.”
— Dr. Matthew A. Romaine - Chiropractor
I was skeptical at first about purchasing. Read some promising reviews. Purchased it since my right ear was clogged for 4 weeks from a cold. IT WORKS ! Took 2 tries, but I can hear again. Definitely would recommend
— Glenn K.
This product is amazing,I have suffered on and off for years with clogged ears,the first time I used Eustachi I could feel a difference,excellent drug free way to go.
— Pam
I came back from a recent vacation suffering with pressure in my ears that was so bad I could hardly stand it two days later, so I googled desperately looking for a solution and found this product. I have been suffering off and on with plugged ears and sinus issues for years, Especially when I fly on planes or drive over mountains to go on trips. This works amazing! You still might have to use a decongestant or figure out the source of your allergies, etc. But it works really well to give me relief and unplug my ears. I am so excited to have found it. I don’t know why I didn’t know about this before!
— Dee
Great item! Really WORKS !!!!
— MIchael W.
I have had trouble hearing out of my right ear for about three years. Two doctors could not find anything wrong. Said it must be Eustachian tube, and both referred me to Ears, Nose, and Throat doctor. I bought this and it opened my ear the first time. Next day it was closed, so I used it again. I have not had any more trouble and it has been three months. I accidentally got shipped two and sold one to my friend who has been through exactly what I have. Wonderful product!!!! Thankful to find it.
— Sonshine
“We love the fact that there is a product like the Eustachi that makes exercising your Eustachian Tubes easy. Some of the methods we use don’t always work. We will be taking the Eustachi with us every time we dive.”
— Hanz & Heidi L., Certified Dive Masters and Owners of Dive School
Worked great the very first time. I have a chronic issue, and this is a safe way to get relief. Highly recommend.
— Billie P.
This product actually does exactly as it claims, I had such pressure which seemed to never release, it took many tries because my tubes had been closed up for so long, but finally I got relief (without a doctor bill or drugs).
— Cathy C.
Thanks so much for this product. It is such a simple product, BUT IT WORKS! I have had a problem with my ears being blocked now for almost two years. I have tried ear drops, chewed gum, held my nose to make my ears pop, used warm and cold packs agatnst my ears, as well as several other methods. Nothing worked. Quite by chance, I read about Eustachi on the Internet and after reading many of the reviews. It arrived just yesterday afternoon. I used it four times yesterday and three times today. My ears are unblocked. My husband even noticed I am hearing better today. It is stressful when your ears are blocked. I am more relaxed because they are unblocked.
I highly recommend this product! To me it is worth every penny I paid for it.
— M. Mohr
“I recently purchased this product. Tried it and absolutely love it. Wish it had been around during my 35 year career as a flight attendant. Passengers were always having ear distress during decent. We tried various remedies to aliviate the pain. Especially small children. Everyone who travels should buy this product. Especially if you have small children. Having allergies or a cold causes this ear distress. It’s a miracle how it works! i’ll keep it in my carry on luggage.”
— Carol H. - 35 year flight attendant
“Ear health is important for both my crew and my passengers. I’ll recommend the Eustachi to all my pilot friends.”
— Chaz M.- commercial pilot 15 years
— Molly S - husband with allergies
“Your product works great. It arrived promptly ahead of schedule. Thanks again for clearing my ears. I will recommend the EUSTACHI to all my scuba diving friends.”
— William A. - happy scuba diving customer