Learn How to Unclog Your Ear

We understand that the Eustachi isn't the most intuitive product..so we've answered some of the most common questions below.

  • Why does it go up your nose?

Great question! The answer is simple enough, because your eustachian tubes are located in the back of your throat (the nasopharynx). The Eustachi helps exercise your Eustachian tubes using a little bit of air. The air is delivered into your nostril where it can reach the eustachian tube openings (in the nasopharynx).


Swallowing and yawning are the body's natural way to exercise the Eustachian tubes. When you swallow and yawn your eustachian tube system is opening the tubes so the air behind the eardrums can be equalized. The Eustachi helps condition the Eustachian tubes during the swallow. That is why you need to swallow while the air is blowing into your nose. Most people find that holding a sip of water in the mouth and then swallowing the water while the air is blowing, works best. If you don't swallow, you are just blowing air up your nose and your ears won't clear.

  • Does the air run out?

No. The Eustachi has a battery operated motor than runs a small air source. The regulated air (about 5 psi) will run as long as the product is in good working order with batteries properly installed.

  • How often should I use it?

Eustachi should be used as needed. Most people find that using it as their ears are getting clogged (like landing in an airplane) or when their ears are plugged (during allergy season, etc.) works best and the results are immediate. If ears have been clogged for awhile, then we recommend using Eustachi a few times a day until they clear up. Try alternating which nostril you use as well. Just like any exercise or conditioning routine, you need to stick with it. That's why we offer you the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn't help you, we are happy to take it back. But give it some time to condition those eustachian tubes. Use it for a few weeks for those really stuffy ears.

  • How does it feel and how do i know it worked?

You’ll feel one of two things when using the Eustachi. You’ll either feel a clearing/popping sensation or your ears will feel full. Either sensation indicates you’ve successfully exercised your Eustachian Tubes. If they feel full after use, the fullness goes away after a few minutes when you naturally swallow and yawn.

  • Does it clean ear wax?

No, Eustachi does not clean ear wax. Eustachi helps exercise the Eustachian tubes (behind your eardrums). Ear wax is in the ear canal (in front of your eardrums). There are many over-the-counter solutions for ear wax.

  • Does it help with water trapped in my ear after swimming or showering?

No, Eustachi helps exercise the Eustachian tubes (behind your eardrums). Water trapped after swimming or showering is in the ear canal (in front of your eardrums).