Allergies and Plugged Ears: Carson's Experience with the Eustachi

People may experience discomfort and clogged ears due to air travel, sickness, swimming, or a variety of other reasons. For some, however, clogged ears have been a problem for as long as they can remember.

Carson is one of the many people who have dealt with ear problems his entire life. Carson has seasonal allergies and would often experience congestion and the feeling of fullness in his ears. Dawn, his mother, would give him decongestants but thought that the recurring clogged ears was just something he would have to learn to deal with. People may try to deal with clogged ear problems with short-term remedies like the “Valsalva Maneuver” (pinching your nose and blowing), chewing gum, yawning, and decongestants. While these may provide some temporary relief, those with continual ear problems need a better option.

Eustachi: A Great Option for Kids

As a mother, you want what’s best for your child and their needs. That’s why Dawn looked into the Eustachi after hearing about it from a friend. Reading about the Eustachi and how it helps naturally unclog ears convinced Dawn to order it for Carson. After receiving the Eustachi, Dawn tried the Eustachi and was impressed with how simple it was to use and how instantly it relieved clogged ears.

Dawn tried the Eustachi first because she was concerned that it would be uncomfortable, even painful, for Carson to use. Her concerns went away when she realized how painless it was and how open her ears felt. She said, “It was a quick, easy fix and my ears felt great and open so I didn’t have any concerns.”

Finding Relief with Eustachi

Not only was it simple for Carson to use, but he was amazed at how much better he could hear and the relief he felt after his ears weren’t plugged anymore. After a lifetime battle of seasonal allergies that resulted in clogged and congested ears, Carson was finally able to find relief with Eustachi.

After seeing the results, Dawn has told several family and friends about the Eustachi. “I think it’s a great, simple tool to help with a more common problem than I ever thought people had. I recommend it all the time.”  

The Eustachi works with the body naturally, making it a safe and completely drug-free way to unclog ears. If you’re like Carson, don’t learn how to deal with ear problems, try Eustachi.