2 Dangerous Methods To Avoid When You Have Clogged Ears

A common problem experienced by anyone who travels frequently by airplane, experiences colds, or commutes across areas of varying altitudes is clogged ears. Clogged ears are especially common for traveling children. Teaching a child how to unclog their ears is difficult and unclogging can be dangerous. Instead of risking ear damage with common methods, try the Eustachi for quick, safe, painless unclogging.

The Valsalva Method

Ears are sensitive and unclogging blocked ears the wrong way can damage your eardrum or the inner lining of your ear. One method used to try to unclog blocked ears is called the Valsalva method. It involves pinching your nose and blowing. This is an extremely common method used by most people as it is something that you can do on the fly with little to no equipment. It, however, does have some major downsides.

While this method can work, it can dangerous. This is an especially bad technique for those with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. As this maneuver could result in a stroke or heart attack, it should be avoided. Also, in addition to being dangerous, it’s difficult to teach to others, especially children who might not get the concept of using their lungs to “bear down”.

Cotton Swabs/Q-Tips

Perhaps one of the most common ways that we see people try to relieve ear discomfort is with Q-tips or cotton swabs. While this is commonly used, it is a very dangerous way to unclog your ears for a number of reasons. Putting anything in your ear should be avoided while trying to unclog your ears as you may push the clog deeper inside your ear, making it even more difficult to relieve. Additionally, ear wax is important to overall ear health and consistently removing can have adverse effects.

It is also a problem when children use fingers or cotton swabs in their ears to try and relieve the discomfort they feel. Inserting anything in the ear risks hurting or scratching the inner layer of the ear and possibly damaging the eardrum. It is best to have a system set up to help yourself and the people you care about overcome this discomfort by learning proper techniques and obtaining specialized tools to help.

Unclog Blocked Ears Safely with the Eustachi

The key to unclogging blocked ears is being as gentle as possible and relying on the body’s own muscles in order to relieve the pressure. The Eustachi is a tool invented to make unclogging your ears easier and safer. The Eustachi tool creates a stream of air through the nose that can relieve ear pressure and clogs instantly with a simple swallow. The gentle pressure of the air from the Eustachi will help the Eustachian tubes open and close, unclogging the ears in a safe and natural way.

By using the Eustachi tool, you won’t have to worry about hurting or harming your ears while unclogging them. So try the Eustachi today!