Why Are Ears Plug -- And What You Can Do About It

There are some things that remain constant in life wherever you go, and one of those things is your ears plugging. While annoying, it’s a necessary biological process, so you should take the time to understand what you can do to safely limit the problem. With Eustachi, we have everything you need to know about ear plugging issues.

Why Ears Plug

You may have noticed that your ears plug when you change elevation rapidly—whether it’s flying in a plane or just driving up and down a steep hill—but the question is, why? Sound waves go into your eardrums and are transmitted to your brain, as long as the pressure on either side of the eardrum is about the same. However, when the air pressure changes with altitude differences, the pressure affects the air in your ear and pushes the eardrum outward, which makes it harder to hear

To reduce the problem, your body drains away some of the excess air via your Eustachian tube channels, creating an equalizing effect that “pops” your ears. It’s because of this that your ears do not suffer further trauma from atmospheric pressure changes.

Preventing Plugging

If you want to make sure your ears won’t stay plugged after flight or during flight, there are several steps you can take. Using earplugs reduces pressure on your ears and therefore can reduce the need for your ears to pop as you change elevation. Another common way is to yawn, since this further opens the Eustachian tube and helps relieve some of the pressure in your ears. Eating food can also sometimes help.

How to Pop Ears When Sick

However, it is important to remember that ear plugging is, in fact, a natural process that your body uses to help you adjust to altitude changes. When your ears are unable to plug, things might get much worse for you. This can happen, for example, when you are sick and a swelled throat or nose prevents the Eustachian tubes from doing their job.

If you are flying in such circumstances, the best method is to take decongestants to reduce the swelling before the flight. Once you are on the flight, hold your nose, close your mouth, turn to one side and swallow hard to pop that side’s ear, do the opposite for the other ear, and repeat until your ears are popped. Just be careful on how to pop ears when sick, as doing things improperly can tear at and infect your ears.

Providing the Best Treatment for Your Ears

To ensure comfort when traveling and overall safety for your hearing, get help from Eustachi. Our ear and hearing professionals developed the Eustachi to unclog ears safely through introducing air into the Eustachian tube through the nose, and you can locate our stores throughout the U.S. Try the Eustachi today!