Why It Is Important to Exercise Your Eustachian Tube

Most of us have been there: you’re on a flight, driving down a mountain, or suffering from a cold, and you can’t unplug your ears, no matter how hard you try. You may get advice from family or friends telling you their secret tricks to get them unclogged. But the truth of the matter is that none of these methods will help if you don’t have strong Eustachian tubes. The solution is exercising your Eustachian tubes with the help of a Eustachian tube exerciser.

What’s a Eustachian Tube?

Pronounced “you-STAY-shee-un,” the Eustachian tube is a funny-sounding body part that actually plays an incredibly important role in our everyday comfort. This canal connects the middle ear to the back of the throat and helps to drain fluid and balance air pressure in the ears. If these tubes get blocked due to cold, allergies, or pressure changes, you’ll experience some uncomfortable symptoms, including pain or ringing in the ear, difficulty hearing, and dizziness.

How to Exercise Your Eustachian Tube

Now that you know the vital role the Eustachian tube plays in keeping your ears functioning properly, you can see how important it is to have strong Eustachian tubes. You can exercise these tubes by plugging your nose and gently blowing. Your Eustachian tubes also get used when you yawn, swallow, or chew, but these actions may not be enough to truly strengthen your tubes.

A Eustachian Tube Exerciser Can Help

For best results, try the Eustachi, a Eustachian tube exerciser that delivers real results. This helpful tool will minimize plugged ears by strengthening your tubes. Simply insert in your nostril and swallow while the tool puffs air into your canal. You’ll enjoy relief from clogged ears and be spreading the word to everyone you know about the Eustachi! Try the Eustachi at a nearby location today.

Why Are Ears Plug -- And What You Can Do About It

There are some things that remain constant in life wherever you go, and one of those things is your ears plugging. While annoying, it’s a necessary biological process, so you should take the time to understand what you can do to safely limit the problem. With Eustachi, we have everything you need to know about ear plugging issues.

Why Ears Plug

You may have noticed that your ears plug when you change elevation rapidly—whether it’s flying in a plane or just driving up and down a steep hill—but the question is, why? Sound waves go into your eardrums and are transmitted to your brain, as long as the pressure on either side of the eardrum is about the same. However, when the air pressure changes with altitude differences, the pressure affects the air in your ear and pushes the eardrum outward, which makes it harder to hear

To reduce the problem, your body drains away some of the excess air via your Eustachian tube channels, creating an equalizing effect that “pops” your ears. It’s because of this that your ears do not suffer further trauma from atmospheric pressure changes.

Preventing Plugging

If you want to make sure your ears won’t stay plugged after flight or during flight, there are several steps you can take. Using earplugs reduces pressure on your ears and therefore can reduce the need for your ears to pop as you change elevation. Another common way is to yawn, since this further opens the Eustachian tube and helps relieve some of the pressure in your ears. Eating food can also sometimes help.

How to Pop Ears When Sick

However, it is important to remember that ear plugging is, in fact, a natural process that your body uses to help you adjust to altitude changes. When your ears are unable to plug, things might get much worse for you. This can happen, for example, when you are sick and a swelled throat or nose prevents the Eustachian tubes from doing their job.

If you are flying in such circumstances, the best method is to take decongestants to reduce the swelling before the flight. Once you are on the flight, hold your nose, close your mouth, turn to one side and swallow hard to pop that side’s ear, do the opposite for the other ear, and repeat until your ears are popped. Just be careful on how to pop ears when sick, as doing things improperly can tear at and infect your ears.

Providing the Best Treatment for Your Ears

To ensure comfort when traveling and overall safety for your hearing, get help from Eustachi. Our ear and hearing professionals developed the Eustachi to unclog ears safely through introducing air into the Eustachian tube through the nose, and you can locate our stores throughout the U.S. Try the Eustachi today!

Allergies and Plugged Ears: Carson's Experience with the Eustachi

People may experience discomfort and clogged ears due to air travel, sickness, swimming, or a variety of other reasons. For some, however, clogged ears have been a problem for as long as they can remember.

Carson is one of the many people who have dealt with ear problems his entire life. Carson has seasonal allergies and would often experience congestion and the feeling of fullness in his ears. Dawn, his mother, would give him decongestants but thought that the recurring clogged ears was just something he would have to learn to deal with. People may try to deal with clogged ear problems with short-term remedies like the “Valsalva Maneuver” (pinching your nose and blowing), chewing gum, yawning, and decongestants. While these may provide some temporary relief, those with continual ear problems need a better option.

Eustachi: A Great Option for Kids

As a mother, you want what’s best for your child and their needs. That’s why Dawn looked into the Eustachi after hearing about it from a friend. Reading about the Eustachi and how it helps naturally unclog ears convinced Dawn to order it for Carson. After receiving the Eustachi, Dawn tried the Eustachi and was impressed with how simple it was to use and how instantly it relieved clogged ears.

Dawn tried the Eustachi first because she was concerned that it would be uncomfortable, even painful, for Carson to use. Her concerns went away when she realized how painless it was and how open her ears felt. She said, “It was a quick, easy fix and my ears felt great and open so I didn’t have any concerns.”

Finding Relief with Eustachi

Not only was it simple for Carson to use, but he was amazed at how much better he could hear and the relief he felt after his ears weren’t plugged anymore. After a lifetime battle of seasonal allergies that resulted in clogged and congested ears, Carson was finally able to find relief with Eustachi.

After seeing the results, Dawn has told several family and friends about the Eustachi. “I think it’s a great, simple tool to help with a more common problem than I ever thought people had. I recommend it all the time.”  

The Eustachi works with the body naturally, making it a safe and completely drug-free way to unclog ears. If you’re like Carson, don’t learn how to deal with ear problems, try Eustachi.

How Flight Attendant Karen Dealt with Plugged Ears from Flying

Hands down, one of the most common ear complaints when it comes to travel is the problem of plugged ears from flying on airplanes. As the plane takes off and the pressure change begins to occur outside of the ear, the inner ear cannot keep up with the equalization of that pressure and ends up getting plugged. Most try to curb this issue with chewing gum, yawning or sipping on some water. But while these quick remedies may work for some in clearing the eustachian tubes during a flight, for many the problem persists.

Plugged Ears from Flying: A Flight Attendant’s Constant Nightmare

For thirty years as a flight attendant, Karen had dealt with annoying and frustrating plugged ears on airplanes from the changes in cabin pressure. This wasn’t something that was necessarily uncomfortable, she says, but something that was just an annoyance day in and day out as planes took off and landed.

This is not something that Karen experiences alone. Millions of people experience the uncomfortable feeling in the ears that occurs with takeoff and landing. Karen spent years and years dealing with plugged ears as she experienced rapid pressure changes day after day. While the plugged feeling in her ears was frustrating, it was the embarrassment of not being able to hear passengers that pushed her to find a solution to her problem.

The Long-Awaited Solution: The Eustachi

After years of looking at passengers with puzzled looks as they asked her questions, Karen discovered the Eustachi. Karen was blown away with the Eustachi after her first use. She said, “After I gave myself that first blast of air along with the [sip of] water, it was unbelievable, really. I could hear again! It opened my ears up and I think I about jumped out of my skin going, ‘wow!’ That was really cool.”

Once her ears were finally open, Karen was shocked at all of the sounds that she hadn’t been able to hear all these years on the long flights in the air. “I was talking to a girl that was in the back [of the plane] with me and I’m like, ‘what is that noise?’ She looks at me like, ‘what are you talking about?’” Turns out, Karen was hearing the coffee pot jiggling around in the airplane coffeemaker for the very first time.

“It truly is a great product. It helps me hear. And it’s not that the pressure is uncomfortable for me, it’s just very annoying and I can’t hear.”

“If you’re feeling skeptical about [the Eustachi] itself, I guess the one thing I would say is, ‘Try it!’ Those of you that can’t clear your ears by squeezing your nose and blowing out your ears, this really works. It really, really works!”

If you find yourself flying frequently or suffer from plugged ears during or after a flight, try the Eustachi and relieve the pressure keeping your ears plugged today!

4 Common Clogged Ear Solutions and 1 You Should Try Today

The sensation of having your ears clogged can be caused by a variety of factors, such as pressure imbalance, earwax buildup, or infection. While the sensation is often little more than an annoyance or discomfort, it can also be painful. In order to keep your hearing in the best shape possible and to combat the ill effects of clogged ears, here are five different methods to help you know how to unclog your ears.

Valsalva Maneuver

This process is frequently used to unclog eustachian tubes in your ears by altering the pressure in them. You simply need to close your mouth and hold your nose closed while you exhale. Doing so will force your eustachian tubes open and allow your ears to equalize the pressure inside of them, which makes it a popular technique for combating airplane ear.

The problem with the Vasalva maneuver is twofold: one, it is impossible to perform the Vasalva maneuver for anyone else, especially a child.

Olive Oil

When a buildup of earwax is the culprit of a clogged ear, olive oil can play a simple and painless part in helping to soften up the earwax to help it leave the ear naturally. A few drops of olive oil left in one ear overnight (which does require sleeping on the opposite side) helps to soften up the earwax. After a few repetitions of this, the oil can be replaced with water and the excess earwax will naturally be rinsed out of the ear.

Using olive oil to unclog ears is a method as old as time itself, but it can also be extremely messy, particularly for those who toss and turn throughout the night, resulting in an oily mess on your pillow.

Yawning and Swallowing

Perhaps the most simple technique available, yawning and swallowing are already techniques you use to balance your eustachian system every day. Divers and airplane pilots may swallow frequently to help alleviate some of the clogged sensations that come from high-pressure changes. While it isn’t always enough to clear your ears entirely, it’s certainly a process worth mentioning.

Utilizing Decongestants

Decongestants can be used outside of colds or other sinus infections to help with the sensation of clogged ears, especially in the case of airplane ear. In the case of airplane ear, a decongestant taken approximately one hour before a flight can help diminish the effects of swelling in your ears that happens due to pressure changes at high altitude. The downside to using decongestants is that they can take some time to work rather than providing relief right when you need it.


While the above methods may help sometimes, that doesn’t mean they’re the most effective option to choose. Eustachi is a simple device that helps exercise your ears during the natural swallowing process. When you are bothered by the sensation of clogged ears, it uses gentle airflow while you swallow to help unclog your eustachian tubes and to condition the eustachian system to its natural, comfortable state. There’s no mess and you can use the Eustachi on your children as well to help with their ear discomfort! We all know how valuable exercise is, so it makes sense that our ears would benefit, too.

You can purchase Eustachi today to get immediate relief from clogged ears.

2 Dangerous Methods To Avoid When You Have Clogged Ears

A common problem experienced by anyone who travels frequently by airplane, experiences colds, or commutes across areas of varying altitudes is clogged ears. Clogged ears are especially common for traveling children. Teaching a child how to unclog their ears is difficult and unclogging can be dangerous. Instead of risking ear damage with common methods, try the Eustachi for quick, safe, painless unclogging.

The Valsalva Method

Ears are sensitive and unclogging blocked ears the wrong way can damage your eardrum or the inner lining of your ear. One method used to try to unclog blocked ears is called the Valsalva method. It involves pinching your nose and blowing. This is an extremely common method used by most people as it is something that you can do on the fly with little to no equipment. It, however, does have some major downsides.

While this method can work, it can dangerous. This is an especially bad technique for those with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. As this maneuver could result in a stroke or heart attack, it should be avoided. Also, in addition to being dangerous, it’s difficult to teach to others, especially children who might not get the concept of using their lungs to “bear down”.

Cotton Swabs/Q-Tips

Perhaps one of the most common ways that we see people try to relieve ear discomfort is with Q-tips or cotton swabs. While this is commonly used, it is a very dangerous way to unclog your ears for a number of reasons. Putting anything in your ear should be avoided while trying to unclog your ears as you may push the clog deeper inside your ear, making it even more difficult to relieve. Additionally, ear wax is important to overall ear health and consistently removing can have adverse effects.

It is also a problem when children use fingers or cotton swabs in their ears to try and relieve the discomfort they feel. Inserting anything in the ear risks hurting or scratching the inner layer of the ear and possibly damaging the eardrum. It is best to have a system set up to help yourself and the people you care about overcome this discomfort by learning proper techniques and obtaining specialized tools to help.

Unclog Blocked Ears Safely with the Eustachi

The key to unclogging blocked ears is being as gentle as possible and relying on the body’s own muscles in order to relieve the pressure. The Eustachi is a tool invented to make unclogging your ears easier and safer. The Eustachi tool creates a stream of air through the nose that can relieve ear pressure and clogs instantly with a simple swallow. The gentle pressure of the air from the Eustachi will help the Eustachian tubes open and close, unclogging the ears in a safe and natural way.

By using the Eustachi tool, you won’t have to worry about hurting or harming your ears while unclogging them. So try the Eustachi today!